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Winter Clothes Storage Tips

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7 Hacks for Winter Clothes Storage

Every time the seasons change, do you find yourself looking for ways to store of get rid of clothes you or your children don’t ever use?

Follow along as we reveal to you 7 hacks for storing clothes. These are super easy things to do, anyone can do them!


  1. If you know your kids will outgrow their winter clothes before the next cold season, consider donating them to others in need instead of storing winter clothes.
  2. Sometimes others do not have the means to purchase warm clothes, so instead of storing winter clothes, try to contribute them to someone else.
clothes storage


  1. Same concept as donating them – if you just want to get rid of them, why not make a little extra money to put towards your summer clothes fund?
  2. Host a rummage sale with friends or family to sell your items.
clothes storage


  1. Make sure your boots/shoes are clean and dry before you but them in your clothes storage area.
  2. Footwear is best stored in plastic containers, but try not to stuff too many into one bin.
  3. To keep your shoes smelling blissful, add a few cedar rings in them when storing!
  4. You can use tissue paper or shoe/boot shapers to help keep their shape pristine.
clothes storage


  1. You’ll want to fold anything that could stretch and lose its shape when hung up.
  2. Hang anything that may wrinkle when folded.
  3. If you choose to hang your clothes, add a cedar hang-up to boost the fresh scent!
  4. Depending on what fabric your clothes are, hanging them up in your closet or folding them can damage the fabric.
clothes storage


  1. Beware when you wash clothes that are going into storage – never use fabric softeners, bleach, or starch because pests can be attracted to it.
  2. Other options to deter those nasty pests such as mice and moths is to use sachets.
  3. Only use basic, plain laundry detergent before storing clothes in the off-seasons.
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  1. If this step is not done, you may have critters chomping on your clothes.
  2. Use Ziploc bags and freeze your sweaters for a few days before storing to kill any unhatched pests.
clothes storage


  1. Cedar Balls are a wonderful alternative to moth balls
  2. Mothballs are toxic, while cedar is kid and pet safe!
  3. Cedar is 100% natural and aromatic, while moth balls are harmful and stinky.
  4. Cedar is an all-natural pest deterrent that will not only keep them away, but it will also keep your winter clothes smelling fresh during the other seasons.
clothes storage

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Will clothes get ruined in a storage unit?
Washing your clothes before storing is essential. Make sure they are as dry as possible too. Any leftover moisture can cause mold. Cedar is great for keeping any unwanted odors and pests at bay.

How do you store clothes so they don’t get moldy?
Keeping your clothes in a breathable package when storing can help avoid trapped moisture. If you do store them in a plastic container, add cedar blocks to it to prevent mildew and odors from starting.

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