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Welcome to Cedar Sense. We deal in nothing but Cedar products starting with our amazing
multi-purpose cedar rings.

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Non-Toxic, Authentic, & Effective

Trust us with your home! We know how agitating odors can be which is why we are offering you the best cedar out there! Our cedar chips are 100% natural and carefully harvested. Bring nature’s natural defenses right into your home! The perfect start to a non-toxic household! Cedar is 100% natural therefore you get the benefits without any chemicals to harm your family! The natural cedar produces a strong scent to repel countless smells!

Total Odor Control

Our cedar and lavender sachets do a phenomenal job blocking out smells and other odors! Cedar is a natural repellent to foul smells and is straight from the wild. We harnessed that natural defense and are bringing it to your home! Our cedar chips are soaked in lavender essential oil and keep their long-lasting smell! You will never have to worry about smells with our cedar chips again! A guaranteed strong scent for your closest, drawers, kitchens, etc!

Great for Cars

Are you looking for full home protection from odors!? Need to do it in a non-toxic way to keep your family safe?
Our Cedar Sachets protect against any sort of foul odor that may be lingering. They are also insanely amazing for storing clothes during the seasons that you do not use your garment. When it’s winter throw these rings in the totes with your summer wear. When it’s summer protect your winter gear from any sort of bothersome critter that might want to harm them in the warm summer months. these cedar rings can DO IT ALL! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the smell of cedar? It’s a powerful plant used by the Native Americans for centuries.
✓ 100% Natural Cedar and strong scent!
✓ Great hunting cover scent! Take our product hunting for a cover scent to remain hidden!
✓ No matter what you use them for you NEED our cedar chips!
We are a U.S.A. based company run by Americans. We stand by our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will send you a replacement.

No. Questions. Asked.

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