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Welcome to Cedar Sense. We deal in nothing but Cedar products starting with our amazing
multi-purpose cedar rings.

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Why Cedar Rings?

Our Cedar Rings not only help eliminate odors from clothes, but their natural, distinctive fragrance keeps away unwanted pests too. Place them on hangers, or use them in gym bags, totes, boxes, storage bags, and more. They’re safe, effective, affordable, and smell great!

Top Sellers & Features

Non-Toxic, Authentic, & Effective

Trust us with your home! We know how agitating odors can be which is why we are offering you the best cedar out there! Our cedar chips are 100% natural and carefully harvested. Bring nature’s natural defenses right into your home! The perfect start to a non-toxic household! Cedar is 100% natural therefore you get the benefits without any chemicals to harm your family! The natural cedar produces a strong scent to repel countless smells!

Total Odor Control

Our cedar and lavender sachets do a phenomenal job blocking out smells and other odors! Cedar is a natural repellent to foul smells and is straight from the wild. We harnessed that natural defense and are bringing it to your home! Our cedar chips are soaked in lavender essential oil and keep their long-lasting smell! You will never have to worry about smells with our cedar chips again! A guaranteed strong scent for your closest, drawers, kitchens, etc!

Great for Cars

Are you looking for full home protection from odors!? Need to do it in a non-toxic way to keep your family safe?
Our Cedar Sachets protect against any sort of foul odor that may be lingering. They are also insanely amazing for storing clothes during the seasons that you do not use your garment. When it’s winter throw these rings in the totes with your summer wear. When it’s summer protect your winter gear from any sort of bothersome critter that might want to harm them in the warm summer months. these cedar rings can DO IT ALL! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the smell of cedar? It’s a powerful plant used by the Native Americans for centuries.
✓ 100% Natural Cedar and strong scent!
✓ Great hunting cover scent! Take our product hunting for a cover scent to remain hidden!
✓ No matter what you use them for you NEED our cedar chips!
We are a U.S.A. based company run by Americans. We stand by our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will send you a replacement.

No. Questions. Asked.

See what our customers have to say...

Gabriel Hernandez
Cedar? I hardly know her.
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Just ordered my second package. Threw some in my work boots, now they smell like cedar. Threw some in my workout shoes, now they smell like cedar. Strung some up in my closet, now instead of old work clothes and workout gear smell, it has a cedar smell. The product works as advertised.
It keeps mice out of my house.
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I loved Cedar Sense not only is the packaging very attractive and personal, but you can reseal it to keep the scent locked in. It has an amazing cedar smell, better than the other products out there. I have used it mainly for the mouse problem that we have had all summer! I have been catching no less than 2 mice per week for the past 2 months in our cupboards and I put these Cedar Rings all around the cupboard and kept the traps set with the same peanut butter that has caught them before. I have not caught one mouse since putting the rings there and have had no trace of a mouse! That speaks volumes for this product and I will continue to use this product not only for a mouse deterant but have put these in my basement totes to keep the damp basement smells out of my things! This has also worked - I have had water in the basement all summer because of heavy rains and all I smell when I open my totes is the fragrant smell of Cedar! I am completely sold on this product, thank you.
Skister in MN
Absolutely great product and customer service!!!
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What a great product! So many uses for these wonderful little things. Hunting clothes, gym bags and shoes, drawers and closets, vehicles, storage tubs, pest/rodent management, the list is endless! Great customer service too! I recommend these to everyone I know! The holiday season is coming, and these are a great little gift for anyone on your shopping list!!
Sue Schaefer
Cedar Rings
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I was a bit skeptical of this product and I must say, these rings more than lived up to their description. I love them and have used them in my closet, in my husband's shoes and just about anywhere else where odor was a problem! I purchased 5 bags and will be buying more as Christmas gifts. Really an excellent product! A* I will be putting some in my car too. An ever-present, fresh smell! Can't say enough good about them!
Heidi & Dan Pecha
Great product! A++
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The product itself is fantastic! The customer service is even better!
Kristi Hernandez
Pleasant scent and saves your stored items
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I would highly recommend these cedar rings! I opened them and placed them under my vehicle seats. They have restored a very pleasant scent in my car. It is a 2003 Toyota, and it has seen a lot of road, so it was getting musty smelling. I love the freshness it restored! I also put rings in my summer camping gear stored in the attic. I feel confident that it not only will keep the mice from making a home in my gear, but it will smell so nice when I start using them again. I intend to store my Holiday items the same way! Excellent and useful Cedar rings!
Jesse H.
You'll never use moth balls again once you try these!
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This has been great so far. We're using ours in our garage as we sometimes have mice in and out. We had tried moth balls but the smell was awful and was making us sick. The cedar smell on these wood chips is fresh and enjoyable. We've also been using these in our back entryway to get rid of stale/stinky shoe smell. Will purchase these again.
Bryan C.
These cedar rings smell so awesome!
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I like that you can either slip them onto a hanger or just toss a couple into the clothes drawer. The hole in the center of the cedar ring is wide enough to accommodate the thin metal hangers or the fat plastic ones. And the the cedar smell is just so great. It brings back fond memories, and is so much better than the nasty old mothball smell.
Gregory Smith
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GREAT PRODUCT! I have placed a cedar ring in each of my husbands work boots and it has completely taken the odor away! I also love the cedar aroma each time I open my closet doors! Including the sandpaper was a great idea!!
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Absolutely great product, great customer service! A++++
Great Product!
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Love these! Can put on hangars or just set wherever needed! Purchased in order to get my 85-year old mother to (please) stop using moth balls! She loves these!
Lovely Cedar Scent
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This product is exactly as described. I ordered the Cedar Sense Cedar Rings to discourage moths from some of my hanging wool clothing. Simply placed the rings over hangers & in a few jacket pockets. The smell is pleasant in the closet without being overwhelming. Tossed a few into the off-season clothing boxes, sweater drawers and Fall/Winter boots. There is a small piece of sand paper included in the bag to freshen up the cedar scent when you feel the need.