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Cedar Hang Ups

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These cedar hang ups for moths will protect your clothes with the oil naturally produced inside the red cedar wood.


Uses for Cedar Hang Ups

Cedar Sense’s Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar is the best you will find on the market today. These cedar hangers for moths will protect your garments by utilizing the oil that is naturally produced inside the red cedar wood.

What do cedar hangers repel?

Cedar hang ups will repel nasty pests including moths and mice. These moth repellent cedar wood blocks will ensure that those alarming critters will not eat up your clothing.

Great for putting in your closet

Our cedar hang ups are an excellent accessory to add in your closet to help ensure the great smell of aromatic cedar throughout your closet. The sweet scent of eastern red cedar will also protect your garments from any critters attempting to chew your fabric.

Dresser drawers & clothes storage

Don’t hesitate to keep these 100% natural cedar hangers in your drawers to hold freshness after each wash. These cedar pieces for clothes storage are a convenient product that works amazing for keeping your clothes fresh in between each changing season.

Place in shoes overnight

We have tested this natural cedar in the worst of gym shoes and found out that they will combat odor and dampness in any shoe. We recommend placing 1 cedar hanger in each shoe every night or in between uses to eliminate odor and funk from any footwear.

Quantity & Material

– 8 pack
– 12 pack
– Material:  100% Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar with a stainless steel detachable hook

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8 Pack, 12 Pack

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