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22 Best Uses For Cedar

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Here Are Some of the Best Uses For Cedar

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First of all, What is cedar?

There is so much cedar info out there. So…. let’s talk about it! Cedar is native to the mountains of the western Himalayas and the Mediterranean region. It is a type of coniferous tree that is noted for its hard timer and slower growth time. Cedrene Camphor is an all-natural pesticide that can benefit nearly everyone’s life if they use it.

It is commonly used by Native Americans as an incense and purifying herb – it may be placed in their medicine bags worn around their necks, placed above entrances to houses to ward off evil spirits, and some traditional drums are made from cedar wood. Cedar is associated with healing, prayer, and protection and is one of the most important ceremonial plants.


Cedar is naturally insulating & durable, making it perfect to conserve energy & resist severe weather.

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Plant Beds

One of the many uses for cedar are that it is resistant to rot and it deters those nasty bugs from eating up your plants!

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Using cedar in your home is a great option due to the fact that it is moisture-resistant and it has a knotty, warm, welcoming look to it.

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Cedar lasts longer than sawdust and straw, and after it does decompose, it will add wonderful nutrients to the soil.

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Cedar Rings

These rings can pretty much fit anywhere – they will freshen up your home and deter pesky bugs from disturbing your wardrobe.

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Essential Oils

Cedar oil is anti-inflammatory and can reduce pain/swelling as well as treat stubborn acne.

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Again, one of the best uses for cedar is that it is a natural insect repellant. This makes it perfect for a fence in your backyard.

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A cedar deck an last up to 15-20 years because of its ability to resist moisture absorption and it doesn’t warp or crack easily.

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Cedar is fabulous for using in your closet. It will deter moths and other critters from destroying your clothes. By lining your closet with cedar, you can be sure to keep your garments safe.

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Again, one of the greatest uses for cedar is right in your home, in your dresser drawers. It will keep your clothes fresh and looking like new!

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The tea of simmered cedar branches can be used to treat fevers and chest colds. It is a simple brew that is delicious warm or cold!

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This wood gives any home a rustic, welcoming look to it. It is durable, affordable, and beautiful.

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Cedar Sachets

Cedar sachets can be used in your home or your car. It keeps the bugs and mice away and will have your things smelling so fresh!

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Cedar is less dense than spruce, therefore it makes the sound quality much better. It is also very light in weight, making it less of a hassle to carry instruments around.

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This wood is easy to shape and work with, making it perfect for crafts. It is an attractive wood and is able to withstand the elements.

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One of the best uses for cedar is that it absorbs any unwanted odors and wards off moths. It is the best long-term pest protection!

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Using a cedar pencil is awesome because it not only smells wonderous, but it is durable and won’t split very easily.

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Cedar is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, so it will protect your belongings from any of those pathogens. Cedar baskets are great for food storage because it repels bugs and rodents.

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The bark from cedar can be used to make rope that is strong, smells good, and can be safely burned when needed.

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Cedar wood has a high weight-to-strength ratio, making it the perfect material for boats. It is exceptional for boat use because it doesn’t absorb water or decay very easily.

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Again, one of the many uses for cedar is outside your home! You can mainly leave this wood untreated without it warping, rotting, or cracking.

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As mentioned earlier, cedar is used by many Native Americans for medicinal purposes. It can also be used for coughs, joint pain, and can improve digestion.

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To recap, here is a list of the many fantastic uses for cedar!

Shingles, Plant Beds, Tongue-&-Groove, Mulch, Rings, Essential Oils, Fencing, Decks, Closets, Dressers, Tea, Furniture, Sachets, Instruments, Crafting, Chests/Trunks, Pencils, Baskets, Rope, Boats, Siding, and Medicine

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What is special about cedar trees?
Many people use cedar because of its fragrant, durable wood. Eastern red aromatic cedar is useful in more ways than one. It can help deter pests such as moths and it also keeps clothing and cars smelling fresh. Cedar does not rot very easily, making it super long lasting.

How would you describe cedar?
Cedar wood is light, soft, and durable. It has a sweet (but not overpowering) aromatic smell to it. It is often reddish in color, is decay-resistant, and an insect repellent.

Do cedar trees need a lot of water?
Cedar trees need to be completely dried out between each watering, as you don’t want to over water it. Fertilizer is generally not necessary unless the soil it is in is very unhealthy. Once the tree is mature, it will need regular mulching and removal of any dead/diseased branches.

What color is cedar?
Most types of cedar wood are a pinkish-red color, though it can have some purple tones as well. As it ages it loses its reddish hues and becomes a silver or gray color.

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