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Red Cedar Tree Benefits to Improve Your Life

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red cedar tree
Eastern red cedar berries are considered edible, but in moderation.

Have you ever wondered what eastern red cedar is all about and what it can do for you? First, here’s a little history. Years ago and even today, Native Americans consider cedar sacred. They use it for multiple things, including for medicinal, ceremonial, and everyday use.

Certain tribes consider it bad luck to cut a cedar tree down because they hold the spirits of their ancestors. Baton Rouge, Louisiana began with Native Indians and was named after eastern red cedar. In 1699, a French Canadian explorer led an expedition up the Mississippi River.

red cedar tree
Native American woman wearing a cedar bark shawl

The explorers reached a red pole that had animal skulls on it, and they named the site ‘Baton Rouge’, which is French for ‘Red Stick’. The stick was the heartwood of eastern red cedar, hence the vibrant red color. This wood has a sweet & aromatic scent to it, which is just one of its many cool characteristics!

If you’ve already learned a little about cedar and like it, than you’ll enjoy the rest of this blog, where we provide you with so much more great information about this versatile tree.

red cedar tree
The berries can be used for medicinal purposes & to add flavor

Fun Facts

One of the many red cedar tree benefits is that it doesn’t shrink or warp. Eastern red cedar is resistant to drought, heat, and the cold. It is also fragrant and aromatic, making it a great material to use in soaps, perfumes, candles, and sprays.

red cedar tree
This is soap made with cedar

Home & Living

Another one of the cedar benefits includes that it is rot resistant, meaning it is wonderful to use for furniture and fences. It is also very durable, so it makes good lumber for construction. However, just because it is super durable doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other things such as crafting, as it is easy to work with.

red cedar tree
Modern home with cedar siding

Early American settlers used to utilize cedar for shingles on their pioneer homes. The reason they would use it for shingles is because of the amazing attributes this tree possesses.

red cedar tree
Cedar shingles

Eastern red cedar is also great for mulch. Because it is rot resistant, it will stay there and do its job for a very long time!


This special type of wood can actually treat coughs and bronchitis. It also makes a good joint pain reliever when used correctly. Cedar can improve digestion and helps hair loss too! Another one of the fabulous cedar benefits is that it can aid in healing wounds and rashes.

Red cedar is such a beautiful and extremely cool wood because it can improve asthma and help heal eczema and acne!

red cedar tree
Cedar essential oils can be beneficial to your health


Eastern red cedar is a natural insect repellent. This power plant can protect against pests such as moths, beetles, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, mice, and ants!

The main oil inside the heart of the cedar tree (cedrene camphor oil) is very bothersome to most nuisances. There are also studies that have proven that this oil is toxic to mice pups, leaving the adult mouse instinctually bothered by the smell of cedar.

red cedar tree

You will notice when milling cedar, that there are never wormholes or termite damage past the exterior of the tree. This gives cedar a very clean board after it is processed. The natural oil in this tree is what deters insects from damaging the concealed characteristics of it.

Cedar Sense

Did you learn something new about eastern red aromatic cedar? There are so many interesting and useful cedar benefits, that’s for sure!

Here at Cedar Sense, we specialize in Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar. The reason why we choose eastern red is because it contains the highest percentage of cedrene camphor oil than any other cedar in the United States.

Cedar Sense is dedicated to providing our customers with not only an aromatic experience, but also products that will help prevent pests.

We are constantly developing new ideas to help better your life and to improve your home in an all-natural way. Keep your eye out for new products like candles, soaps, sprays, and essential oils! You can find them all on our website:

red cedar tree

More Useful Tips From Cedar Sense

If you liked learning about cedar benefits, you’ll love to learn the top ways you can use it!

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How fast does a Red Cedar tree grow?
The red cedar tree is not actually a cedar, but it is a juniper tree. It has a medium growth rate of 12-24” per year with sticky foliage that is a dull green from spring to fall, and in the winter can be green or turn brown or purple. In the open, its branches extend to the ground giving excellent protection to things below.

Are red cedars good trees?
If you are looking for a tree to create a windbreak, eastern red cedar is a good choice. It is resistant to extremes of drought, heat and cold. It is tolerant of a wide range of soils – poor dry soil or alkaline soil. It is also tolerant of salt, making it favorable for use near roads, driveways and sidewalks

How long do red cedars live?
Life span: Depending if it is in its natural habitat, the Red Cedar can live between 100 years to about 300 years.


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