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Moth Balls vs. Cedar Blocks: Which is the Better Choice for Protecting Your Wardrobe?

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Choosing the right product to protect your wardrobe from moths is essential not only to preserve your favorite garments but also to maintain a healthy and pleasant home environment. While moth balls have been a traditional go-to for decades, cedar blocks are gaining popularity as a natural and aromatic alternative.

In this blog, we delve into the effectiveness of each option, helping you decide whether moth balls or “Cedar Blocks” are better for your closet.

Cedar Blocks Are Used In Drawers & Where Clothes Are Stored

Understanding Moth Balls and Cedar Blocks

What Are Moth Balls?

Moth balls are small balls made from chemicals like naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, which release a strong odor that repels and kills moths and other insects.

  • How They Work: The chemicals sublimate into gas, poisoning moths and larvae.
  • Considerations: Effective but associated with health risks due to the toxic fumes they emit.

What Are Cedar Blocks?

Cedar blocks are natural wood pieces that emit a pleasant cedar oil aroma known to repel moths naturally.

  • How They Work: The natural oils in cedar wood contain compounds that moths find repulsive.
  • Benefits: They are non-toxic and add a fresh scent to your storage areas.

Comparing Effectiveness

Efficacy Against Moths

  • Moth Balls: Highly effective in killing moths and larvae but at the cost of using harmful chemicals.
  • Cedar Blocks: Effectively repels moths, but their effectiveness can diminish over time unless refreshed.

Safety and Health Implications

  • Moth Balls: Linked to potential health risks, especially in poorly ventilated areas, and unsafe around pets and children.
  • Cedar Blocks: Safe for use around the home without any known health risks.
Moth Balls v. Cedar Balls: You Be The Judge

User Experience and Maintenance

Maintenance Needs

  • Moth Balls: Low maintenance; simply place them and leave them until they need to be replaced.
  • Cedar Blocks: May require occasional sanding or the addition of cedar oil to maintain effectiveness.

Aesthetic and Smell

  • Moth Balls: Emit a strong chemical smell that many find unpleasant and can permeate clothing.
  • Cedar Blocks: Provide a natural, fresh cedar scent that enhances the closet environment.

What Experts Say

Research and expert opinions tend to favor cedar blocks for being eco-friendly and safer, especially in homes with children and pets. Here is a great article from The Spruce that provides their look on the best options out there for moth repellent.

Read an expert comparison of moth balls and cedar blocks.


While moth balls are effective at killing moths, the health risks and unpleasant odor make cedar blocks a superior choice for most households. Safe, natural, and pleasantly scented, cedar blocks not only keep moths away but also enhance your wardrobe’s environment.

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