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Home Defense Porch Signs: Guns-N-Cameras


Sometimes the first line of home defense is just giving a proper warning. You can do that with this Gun-N-Cameras plaque.

We offer 3 different coatings – Matte, Clear Gloss, & UV Clear Gloss. If you will be hanging your plaque outdoors, we highly suggest the UV option.

We offer 2 different hanging options – Keyhole (for easiest hanging ability – no assembly required) & Countersink w/4 screws (for sturdy outdoor hanging).


Guns-N-Cameras Porch Signs
Each custom home defense plaque is HANDCRAFTED with AMAZING QUALITY by the Cedar Sense team.  We engrave each piece with our state-of-the-art CNC machine. We also source all of the material right here in the United States from local saw mills and distributors. These are made out of high quality Norway Pine.








Color Options

We offer 3 different color options for these home defense plaques: all have natural ood lettering
– Black (Large has a more rustic look compared to the Standard)
– Red
– White


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Size Options

2 different sizes are offered with these plaques. Each of them are 3/4″ thick, and they are all crafted with the utmost care.
– Standard – 15″ x 11.25″
– Large – 36″ x 16″
– Extra Large – 34″ x 9.5″

Coating Options

We offer 3 different coating options for these plaques:
– Matte (Matte coating has more of a natural look)
– Clear Gloss (Clear Gloss has a shinier look to it)
– UV Clear Gloss (UV Clear Gloss is recommended if the home defense plaque were to be hung outside)

Hanging Options

We offer 2 different hanging options:

 – Keyhole – This option provides the simplest way to hang our plaques.  Always an even hang and only one nail.  This option is free.
– Countersunk – We go a little extra for you with this option.  We countersink 1 hole in each corner (4 total) and provide 4 screws (phillips head).
We suggest this option for anyone hanging our plaques outside to keep them sturdy in case of wind.

Of course, we offer free shipping to all orders over $50 but we also provide a FREE SHIPPING option with these home defense plaques along with a standard and a rush option at various rates.

Cedar Sense wants to thank all of our customers for supporting a locally owned small business. We are dedicated to providing career opportunities to the people in rural MN.

We are also committed to all of our customers by offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY on these plaques. We want everyone to know that we are in it for more than just the money. We exist to make the area we are in a better place and to create positivity everyday.

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Black, Red, White


Large 36" x 16", Standard 15" x 11.25"


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