Variety Packs of Cedar Blocks: Experience the Full Spectrum of Cedar with Cedar Sense
At Cedar Sense, we understand that the unique appeal of cedar isn’t just confined to its refreshing aroma, but the various forms in which it can infuse spaces with its charm.  Meticulously curated for those who want a taste of everything cedar. Each variety pack provides a diverse range of cedar wood, perfect for different uses around your home. From protecting your cherished wardrobe from pests to ensuring a fresh, aromatic ambience in storage areas, these cedar blocks are multifunctional wonders. Designed in various shapes and sizes, they seamlessly fit into shoes, drawers, bags, and even tight corners. A simple rub rejuvenates the scent, making them as good as new. With Cedar Sense’s variety packs, every nook and cranny of your home can resonate with the crisp, invigorating fragrance of cedar. Embrace this nature’s gift and let cedar blocks redefine the freshness of your spaces.

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Cedar Wood Variety Packs

This cedar wood will protect your clothes with the oil naturally produced inside the red cedar wood.