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Poland Flag

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poland flag

The Poland flag consists of two horizontal strips with a white eagle wearing a crown on the top half. The upper strip is white and the lower strip is red. The white color on this flag represents the freedom and purity of the Polish people. The red symbolizes the blood of martyrs in the war of independence.

This flag was adopted in 1990. White and red have been the national colors of Poland since the country’s first declaration of independence in 1831.

poland flag

The eagle on the Poland flag has a white eagle resting against a red shield. The eagle wears a golden crown and has a golden beak and talons. It has outstretched wings and its head is turned to its right.

There are a couple of legends that go along with why the white eagle was once put on the flag. One legend says that the first settlers of Poland saw a white eagle land in front of a red sunset, and that is what made them choose to settle there.

poland flag

Another legend has it that the founder of Poland saw a white eagle’s nest, and when he looked up to the bird, a ray of sunshine fell on its wings, making it appear as if they were tipped in gold and that is why he chose to settle there.

The design of the Polish flag has inspired many artists and references too the flag and the coat of arms that are found in many literacy works over time. Many times, the flags are referred to as the Poland National Flag or the Poland State Flag.

poland flag

The Poland flag actually has two variants. One, as we talked about above, has the white eagle wearing a crown on the upper half of the flag. The other Polish flag that is commonly recognized, is the plain version, with just white at the top, and red at the bottom, both proportional to each other.

This version of the flag is often hung outside in the streets of Poland during the holidays. In 2004, a new holiday called Polish National Flag Day was introduced. It is always on May 2nd of each year, and many cities host parades, cycling competitions, marathons, and concerts.

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Is Poland and Indonesia flag the same?
The flag of Poland has similar dimensions but has the colors reversed: white on top and red on the bottom. In both, the red is of a slightly darker shade. The “Naval Jack of Indonesia” is reserved for sole use by the Indonesian Navy.

What does Polish flag symbolize?
On Poland’s flag, the white represents purity, and red symbolizes love, echoing Catholic values and symbolism. The legend of the Polish Eagle states that the first settlers of Poland saw a white eagle landing in front of a red sunset and use that as a sign that they should settle there.

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