What to Get a Veteran

20 Best Gifts For Military Members

veteran gifts

With Memorial Day coming up, have you been thinking about what to get a veteran/active member of the military?

Sometimes it can be difficult to come with an idea of what to get that special someone that served for our country. Here, we’ve come up with a list of 20 fantastic veteran gifts for veterans & active members of the military.

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1. Custom American Wooden Flag

veteran gifts

Cedar Sense offers these mesmerizing custom flags for any veteran or military member. We love to honor those who served for our country.

2. Ammunition

veteran gifts

We’re not supporting any particular company with this product, but you can bet your bottom dollar that just about every veteran/military member would love to receive ammo as a free gift.

3. Patriotic Glass Set

veteran gifts

This company is called ‘BenShot‘. It was founded in 2015 and is run by a father-son team located in Wisconsin, USA. They handcraft all of their products based on their own original ideas and designs. They also pack each item individually with the utmost care.

4. Tactical Pen

veteran gifts

TakeFlight offers this awesome tactical pen. It includes a flashlight, glass breaker, bottle opener, and of course, a pen! This company is veteran-owned, so it makes sense that they know what to get a service member!

5. Coffee

veteran gifts

This company, Heroes Rise, is located in Bemidji, MN. They come from a long line of family in many fields that are warriors! Every year, they donate coffee to their local public servants that specialize in EMS, police, firefighters, etc.

6. Cuff Links

veteran gifts

This company, ‘Things Remembered‘, offers cuff links. These are perfect for when you or your loved one needs to dress up for an event and they want to show their pride for the military branch they serve/served in.

7. Ammo Can Poker Set

veteran gifts

True to its name, ‘Man Crates‘, the company that produces this sweeeet product made sure to include casino-weight poker chips, custom playing cards, and it is super tough, so you can’t really damage it!

8. Cigars

veteran gifts

Good Cigars Co.’s name says it all. They offer dang good stogie sets that come with 4-8 of them, a welcome kit, a cigar cutter, matches, and a humidified tube that will keep them fresh for a year.

9. Mini Bar Fridge

veteran gifts

This establishment is the ‘Jerry Can Company’. This is such an eye-catching way to store your beverages in! They offer customization that is laser-engraved. It also comes with three tumbler glasses!

10. Custom Bobblehead

veteran gifts

If you’re wondering what to get a veteran in your life, look no further. Bobblehead Craft offers this funny, but realistic product! They have you upload a picture of whoever you want to bobble.

11. Retirement Paddle

veteran gifts

Kelly Paddle Designs on Etsy creates the perfect gift if you’re wondering ‘what to get a veteran’. They can customize these paddles in almost any way you want, which would be perfect for the military member you may have in mind.

12. Bottle Opener

veteran gifts

Home Wet Bar‘ offers SO many different customizable products that can honor a military member, active or veteran. These bottle openers are just one of the great memorabilia they have.

13. Custom Vest Bottle Koozie

veteran gifts

DipStickBranding‘ on Etsy really did hit the head on the nail with this one. This custom vest koozie is so cool! If you want to know what to get a veteran, this is it. You can customize it for your military member and put their specific patch on it.

14. Rank Name Plate

veteran gifts

Honoring Heroes‘ is located in Ohio, USA. They offer personalized stand-alone rank name plates for that special someone. This is a perfect way to honor your hero.

15. Personalized Wall Clock

veteran gifts

This American flag wall clock is made in good ole’ Texas. There’s no better way to show your veteran or military member that you are proud of them for serving for our country.

16. Custom Wallet

veteran gifts

Available on Etsy, you can customize an authentic leather wallet for that military member in the Air Force. This company is located in Alabama, and they provide quality products!

17. Whiskey Decanter w/Coin Display

veteran gifts

If you’re curious about what to get a veteran of active military member in the Navy, this whisky decanter is perfect because it also has the capability to display challenge coins. They are made in Kentucky, USA.

18. Personalized Memorial Flag Box

veteran gifts

This gift is a classic. It comes from a company in New York, and they created customized flag cases for that military member of yours. They offer Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard logos as options.

19. Compass

veteran gifts

Made in California, you can personalize this compass pretty much any way you want. You can choose the background as well as any engraving you want, and the location of the engraved pieces.

20. Funny Veterans Shirt

veteran gifts

This hilarious shirt is the perfect gift for what to get a veteran in your life. Manufactured in Colorado, this shirt is comfortable and affordable. It is guaranteed to make your military member chuckle.

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What is a good present for a veteran?
Some great presents for a veteran include: handmade wooden American flag, challenge coins & holder, custom wallet, flask, and tshirts.

How do you make a veteran feel special?
To make any veteran feel special, you can take them to get a discounted meal, visit a state park or museum, send a card, and thank them.


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