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Cedar and Feathers: A Cultural Examination of Native American Ceremonial Tools

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Eagle feathers hold a place of great reverence and spiritual significance in Native American cultures. These feathers are not merely ornamental; they are imbued with profound symbolic meanings, often representing strength, courage, and freedom.

This blog delves into the importance of eagle feathers in Native American ceremonies and explores why cedar boxes are the preferred choice, before other wood options, for preserving these sacred items.

The keyword here is “cedar box,” a crucial element in safeguarding the integrity and sanctity of these revered symbols.

Wooden Boxes Are Used To Hold Eagle Feathers

Understanding the Significance of Eagle Feathers

Before we explore the role of cedar boxes, let’s understand the deep cultural and spiritual significance of eagle feathers in Native American traditions.

Historical and Cultural Importance

Symbol of Honor: Eagle feathers are awarded to individuals in recognition of significant achievements or acts of bravery.
Spiritual Use: Used in various rituals and ceremonies, these feathers facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.

The Eagle in Native American Mythology

The Eagle as a Spiritual Messenger: Often considered messengers between the gods and the living, eagles play a pivotal role in many tribal myths and legends.

Eagle Feather Are Often Used In Native American Ceremonies

Why Use Cedar for Ceremonial Boxes?

When it comes to storing and preserving sacred objects like eagle feathers, the choice of material is critical. Cedar, specifically, is chosen for several compelling reasons.

Natural Properties of Cedar

Preservation: Cedar’s natural oils help prevent decay and repel pests, which is essential for preserving the quality of delicate eagle feathers.
Aromatic: The pleasant aroma of cedar is not just appealing; it also plays a role in the ceremonial use, creating a serene atmosphere.

Cultural Resonance

Symbolism: Just as the eagle is a sacred symbol, cedar is revered for its strength and endurance, echoing the qualities that eagle feathers represent.
Historical Use: Many tribes have used cedar wood for various purposes, including building totems and crafting ritual objects, due to its durability and sacred significance.

Choosing the Right Cedar Box

Selecting a cedar box for storing eagle feathers requires attention to detail and an understanding of its purpose.

What to Look For

Craftsmanship: The box needs to be well-crafted to honor its contents.
Size and Design: Ensure the box is appropriately sized for the feathers and features designs that reflect tribal symbols or motifs.

Customization Options

Personalization: Many cedar boxes are customized during it’s craft, with specific tribal emblems or personal symbols. This adds a layer of personal significance.

Guide to selecting the right cedar box for ceremonial use.

Maintaining Your Cedar Box

Proper care and maintenance of your cedar box are crucial to ensure it remains a worthy repository for sacred items.

Care Tips

Regular Cleaning: Keep the box clean and dust-free therefore keeping feathers last.
Avoid Moisture: Store in a dry place to prevent the wood from warping.
Refresh the Cedar: Occasionally sand the box lightly to revive the wood’s natural oils and aroma.


Eagle feathers and cedar boxes form a sacred combination in Native American culture, each element enhancing the other’s spiritual significance. A cedar box is not just a storage item; it is a vessel that honors and preserves the legacy of Native American heritage. By choosing a cedar box for eagle feathers, individuals not only ensure the physical preservation of these sacred items but also respect their spiritual essence.

Cedar Boxes Are Used For Many Ceremonial Uses

This blog aims to educate readers on the profound connection between eagle feathers and cedar boxes within Native American ceremonies. Each element supports the preservation of culture and spirituality.

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