10 Gifts With The Marine Emblem

marine emblem

10 Gifts With The Marine Emblem

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Do you know someone in the United States Marine Corps?

We’ve all struggled to figure out the perfect gift for that special someone, right?… Any person who has served in or is currently serving for our country deserves the best there is out there.

Follow along as we help you find the absolute #1 gift for a member of the United States Marine Corps.

1. Handmade Wooden Flag

marine emblem

Cedar Sense creates each & every flag with the utmost care and respect for those who’ve served for our country. This flag would make the absolute perfect gift for a member of the United States Marine Corps.

2. Engraved USMC Compass

marine emblem

This engraved compass is so unique and perfect for that member of the Marine Corps in your life. Now you know they’ll never lose their way.

3. Bottle Opener

marine emblem

Everyone needs a good bottle opener in their life! This is an awesome gift that is different and small enough to fit in your pocket.

4. ‘Oorah!’ Marine Corps Sign

marine emblem

OORAH! This plaque is such a lighthearted, fun gift to give a Marine Corps member in your life. This will make the best home decor in their house.

5. Coasters

marine emblem

These coasters are so beautiful and sturdy. They are the best way to show off the service your loved one did for our country.

6. Marine Emblem Watch

marine emblem

Most people would love to have a watch customized to the department they served in. This watch is comfortable and durable.

7. Marine Corps Wind Chime

marine emblem

This patriotic wind chime is such a great gift for a Marine member. You can show it off to all your neighbors!

8. Leather Marine Emblem Bracelet

marine emblem

Do you know a special lady in the Marine Corps? This leather bracelet would be the perfect accessory for her to wear with pride!

9. USMC Book Cutout

marine emblem

This book cutout that shows ‘USMC’ for United States Marine Corps is the best gift for anyone you may know that has served in or is currently serving in the Marines and is also a book-lover.

10. Love My Marine Shirt

marine emblem

Who doesn’t love a good looking tshirt? You can gift this to anyone that knows and loves a marine serving for the United States.

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What is the Marine Corps emblem called?
The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (commonly referred to as an EGA) is the official emblem and insignia of the United States Marine Corps.

What does the Marine emblem stand for?
There is no better symbol for the purpose we serve than the emblem every Marine earns: The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, which has represented the title every Marine has earned since 1868. The eagle represents the proud Nation we defend.

Why do Marines wear 8 point covers?
The utility cover, also known as the utility cap and eight-pointed cover, is the United States Marine Corps cap, worn with their combat utility uniform. It is an eight-pointed hat, with a visor similar to a baseball cap. It is worn “blocked”, that is, creased and peaked, for a sharper appearance.

What does 3 stripes in the Marines mean?
It is called the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. There is only one of these at a time and he is the senior enlisted Marine in the entire Corps. His insignia is 3 stripes up with an eagle, globe, and anchor (the Marine Corps symbol) flanked by two stars in the middle and four stripes below.


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