distressed american flagdistressed american flag

Black & White Edition – Distressed American Flag


The greatest aspect of making a Black & White Edition distressed American flag is seeing the jaw drop of every customer once they see theirs for the 1st time.

We offer customized lettering on the back of our flags on any size. What you type in the box is what we will engrave on it, so ensure spelling is correct. (See video below for reference)

Black & White Distressed American Flag

This Black & White wooden American flag is life-changing. Each flag is HANDCRAFTED with AMAZING QUALITY by the Cedar Sense team and we provide you with an eye-opening piece that will be imprinted with you forever.

distressed american flag

The greatest aspect of making a rustic wood American flag is seeing the jaw drop of every customer once they see theirs for the first time. It’s why we do what we do over here at Cedar Sense! Let us make your Black & White Edition flag look picture perfect.

Size Options

4 different sizes are offered with this Black & White flag. Each flag is 1.5” thick, and they are all crafted with the utmost care.
– Small – 17″ x 9.5″
– Medium – 25″ x 13″
– Large – 37″ x 20″
– Extra Large – 62″ x 32″

We also offer customization on any edition or size.  For customization please email us directly at [email protected]

Personalization on Back

We are able to offer another personalized touch to this flag: customized lettering on the back – on any size. See the video below!

When typing your customization, please ensure all spelling is correct! (How you type it is how we will engrave it)

Stripe Options

Cedar Sense can create a colored stripe on your  rustic wood American flag. We offer 4 options:
– Blue = Law Enforcement Personnel
– Red = Fire Department Personnel
– Green = Military Personnel
– Yellow = EMS/EMT Personnel
– None

Coating Options

We offer 4 different coating options for each flag:
– Matte (no finish coat – how the wood naturally looks)
– Single Coat
(clear gloss – indoor use)
– Dual Coat (2 coats – glossier look – indoor use)
– UV Protect Coat (keeps moisture out & relieves it from harmful UV rays) This one is recommended if you want to hang your handcrafted flag outdoors.

Please allow 7-10 days for flags to be created and shipped on the size Small-Large flags and 16 days for size X-Large.

We’ve mastered techniques using fire to accentuate the grain on the high quality Norway Pine that we use. In order to create the perfect rustic wood American flag, we source all of the material right here in the United States from local saw mills and distributors. Our goal at Cedar Sense with any American flag is to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Beware when searching on Amazon – much of our competition comes from overseas.  You want something made by an American company headquartered in USA. We keep our money local and are dedicated to providing career opportunities to the people in rural MN. We thank all of our customers for supporting our small business in Waubun, MN (Population 400).

Of course, we offer free shipping to all orders over $100 but we also provide a FREE SHIPPING option with this flag, along with a standard and a rush option at various rates.

We are also committed to all of our customers by offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our flags. We want everyone to know that we are in it for more than just the money. We exist to make the area we are in better a better place and to create positivity everyday.

We ship our American Flags and different Country Flags all over the WORLD. Feel free to browse all the happy customers HERE.

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How do you make a wooden American flag?
Here at Cedar Sense, we source our Norway Pine material locally, and then we stain each piece before putting it all together and we put the union of the flag on next. Then, we seal each flag with whatever option the customer chooses. Finally, we add the hanger on the backside.

What size are wooden flags?
We offer 4 different sizes with our wooden flags: Small (17” x 9.5”), Medium (25” x 13”), Large (37” x 20”), and Extra Large (62” x 32”). They are all around 1.5” thick.

How do you hang a wooden flag?
On our flags, we have one simple wire hanger on the back, reinforced with screws. On our Extra Large flags, we put two hangers on the back. This makes it extremely easy to hang your flag, requiring no assembly.

How long should a flag last?
Cedar Sense’s flags will last a lifetime. We provide a lifetime guarantee with each handcrafted flag.

How much does a wood flag weigh?
Our wood flags vary in weights. Small (3lbs), Medium (6lbs), Large (10lbs), and Extra Large (25lbs)

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***DISCLAIMER: All flags are different and unique compared to what is displayed in the pictures. Some colorization might be a little lighter or darker, depending on the grain of the wood, which varies from each flag to the next. If packaging clearly appears to be damaged, please do not accept the delivery.***

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 1.5 × 20 in

Small 17" x 9.5", Medium 25" x 13", Large 37" x 20", X-Large 62" x 32"

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