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Top 22 Flags – Wooden American Flag Wall Art

wood wall art

Here is a list of our top picks for wood wall art. These are in no particular order because they are all spectacular!

Since spring of 2020, Cedar Sense has been manufacturing burnt wood American flags. Starting out in the garage, we have now transformed a hobby into an actual business. We can send a Wooden American flag anywhere in the United States, and even the world.

Some of our flags that have dropped the most jaws and left our customers in complete awe are our customized work. In this article, we list a fraction of our personalized pieces for you to take in. These are some of our favorite flags to date.

Comment below to tell us which flag you like the best and if you have any ideas that you’d like to see, let us know! Keep watching for what’s to come. The bigger we get, the more challenges we take on and we love every test.

1. American Flag – Gun Metal Grey Edition

wood wall art

This is one of our four primary flags that you can find on our website. This great neutral colored flag that can match just about any interior design. It offers simplicity, yet it will show everyone your patriotic spirit on the fourth of July.

2. Business Flag – New Horizon Resort

wood wall art

This is a handcrafted business logo placed in the center of the stripes on our original flags. This small town business is located on White Earth Lake, near Waubun, Minnesota. New Horizon Resort is a great place to be during the summer months. They’re all about freedom and 4th of July decor.

3. Reservation Flag – All One Nation

wood wall art

This flag represents the three 1st nations of Red Lake, White Earth, and Leech Lake. This flag measures in at a whopping 62″ X 32″. It combines patriotism with Native pride and it is a piece that is talked about at any 4th of July party!

4. Navy Flag

wood wall art

Wooden flags can serve a dual purpose, especially for members of our military. Here, we wanted to honor somebody that served in the Navy.

5. Fire Department Flag – Ogema, MN

wood wall art

This perfect patriotic fourth of July decor looks perfect where the new owners decided to hang it – right in their local fire hall!

6. American Flag – All-Natural Edition

wood wall art

This is one of our four classic flags. Sizes include small, medium, large, and extra large. This flag is the All-Natural edition, and it can give any 4th of July party that rustic, patriotic look.

7. Blue Line Flag – Police

wood wall art

This was our first ever blue line flag that went to Officer Diver, along with his badge number. It was purchased by his significant other for a birthday gift.

8. American/Norwegian Flag

wood wall art

This flag made a mom’s jaw drop and eyes fill up with tears of joy when she first saw it. It was recently purchased by a husband for a hardworking mom on Mother’s Day! We were ecstatic to be able to help the new owner of this patriotic flag show her pride for her country and pride for her heritage.

9. Black & White w/Heartbeat

wood wall art

We combined a heartbeat with one of our other four classic flags (Black & White). This husband mixed the USA flag with his wife’s nursing occupation when he gifted it to her for her birthday.

10. Army Flag

wood wall art

These patriotic flags were gifted to a father who proudly served in the U.S. Army. We stand by all of our military personnel who are active or veterans alike.

11. Customized Flag – Racing

wood wall art

Does your husband race cars? The person that ordered this flag has a husband that has two passions in life – America and the dirt track that he races on. There’s no better way to honor our country on the fourth of July than a gift that hits so close to home.

12. Minnesota Dep. of Veterans Affairs Flag

wood wall art

Eric Abell’s brother came up with this concept when it came time to gift his sibling for retirement. We all know that this flag is catching eyes this July 4 2022 on Eric’s wall.

13. Customized Flag – Podcast ‘After the Checkers’

wood wall art

Every podcast needs a background that viewers should respect. Kyle Hall was extremely lucky when he won an online contest with one of our flags. We decided to add his logo just for kicks n’ giggles.

14. Hobby Flag – Jeep

wood wall art

The owner of this flag LOVES his Jeep. This guy’s house from wall to wall/floor to ceiling is filled with Jeep memorabilia/decor. Now he mixes his love of Jeeps with his pride of country.

15. Green Line Flag – Military

wood wall art

Independence Day is celebrated for the people who have sacrificed it all to not only start this country, but to keep it free. We love making these green line flags for military members.

16. Family Crest Flag

wood wall art

This American flag was gifted to The Volds, who were married and became a family in 1997. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to give your significant other a smooch under our flag.

17. State Flag – Texas Lone Star

wood wall art

Some of the most patriotic people in our country live in the Lone Star State. Although this flag doesn’t have thirteen stripes, it’s still red, white, and blue. Everything is bigger in Texas including the love of our craftsmanship.

18. Personal Customized Flag

wood wall art

This one was made for a family friend that passed away. This project gave us great honor knowing that it meant so much to the family. Flags like this are an indicator that we’re doing the right thing.

19. Profession Flag – Nurse Practitioner

wood wall art

A woman that works with her husband in the medical field could think of no better gift to give on their anniversary than a wooden American flag that represents them both. Now they can light fireworks at their fourth of July party while showcasing their patriotism.

20. Business Flag – Diamond T Ranch

wood wall art

The Diamond T Ranch can now proudly display one of our patriotic crafts in their business. Once again, a gift given to them by a person that respects what they do.

21. Honor Flag – Bronze Star Recipient

wood wall art

Brandon’s wife honored her husband’s bronze star award by customizing it on this wooden American flag.

22. American Flag – Original Edition

wood wall art

We know that this flag isn’t customized, but we can’t go without showing you the Original. This flag has been a staple of our company and is by far our #1 seller at 37″ X 20″. We can’t think of any other wooden American flag that means more than this handcrafted flag made in the USA by Americans and for Americans.

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