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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Facts

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Brand History

This well-known motorcycle company was founded in 1903, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was officially made an incorporation in 1907, with Walter Davidson acting as the first president of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Arthur Davidson became the first general sales manager & secretary, William Davidson was the first works manager, and William Harley was the chief engineer and treasurer.

There were three Davidsons and one Harley man, so you may be wondering why the company wasn’t named Davidson-Harley. The original idea for the motorcycle came from William Harley, and the men thought it was only fair to have his name first. (Plus, it sounded better as Harley-Davidson)

A little more about the founders…

William Harley was only a year older than Arthur Davidson. The two boys grew up just a couple houses apart in Milwaukee, WI. This was the start of their lifelong friendship. Both boys admired bicycles, and at 15, William took a job at a bicycle factory, eventually working his way up the chain of command and designed his first internal combustion engine.

harley-davidson motorcycle


Arthur and William spent the next several years working on a proto motorcycle in their spare time. It fizzled out, but eventually made them realize that they needed a machinist. The two reached out to Arthur’s older brother, Walter Davidson, who was in Kansas.

Soon, the trio was joined by another mechanic, William Davidson, Arthur’s eldest brother. By 1904, a second prototype was made. This was the first-ever Harley-Davidson Motorcycle to participate in a race. While they didn’t win, they made history in the long run.


The first ever Harley-Davidson factory was a wooden shed in the Davidson’s backyard. The current headquarters still stands in the same location – but in a more prominent building, of course. Now, Harley-Davidson is owned by Harley-Davidson Motor Company Group, Inc.

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Fun Facts

All Over The Globe

The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle company has four locations in the United States, as well as manufacturing plants in Brazil, Thailand, and India. They also have a part plant in Australia.

Bicycles too!

In 1917, Harley-Davidson actually produced bicycles for a short time, targeted towards pre-teen boys. These were painted olive green to support the nations troops.

The ‘Hog’ Nickname

Many Harley-Davidsons are nicknamed ‘Hogs’, and that came from the 1920s when a group of farm boys raced their motorcycles. They had a pig for a mascot and would take it for victory rides after winning a race. The company embraced the term and even created the acronym ‘H.O.G.’ to stand for Harley Owners Group.

harley-davidson motorcycle

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What type of motorcycle is Harley-Davidson?
The types of Harley-Davidson motorcycles include Touring, Trike, Electric, Street and Cruiser.

Is Harley-Davidson a luxury brand?
The truth is, Harley-Davidson is a luxury brand cleverly disguised as a blue-collar, workin’ man’s brand. It’s a name synonymous with regular, working-class folk, but have you seen the prices of these things?

What is Harley-Davidson best selling model?
Street Glide & Street Glide Special. Moving up to the number 1 spot this year, Harley-Davidson’s Street Glide Special is a pedigree heavyweight V-twin cruiser from America’s iconic motorcycle brand.


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