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Family-Kept Secret Shared to Hunters

This is a little known secret that we love to release to the public! Our rings are the PERFECT COVER SCENT for hunting! All you have to do is place them inside of your totes or unscented garbage bags with all of your hunting clothes for at least 24 hours, and BOOM, your hunting clothes now have the 100% All-Natural smell of CEDAR.

If you know anything about Whitetail, you know that Cedar is a perfect cover scent. I shot this 9-pointer in 2019 using the same trick that I just explained to you. I was on the ground and right next to a cedar-swamp. He came within 30 yards of me before I was able to harvest him. HE NEVER SMELLED ME ONCE!!!

So for all of you dedicated hunters out there, do not use synthetics. Go back to 100% natural cover scents and let me hear all about your success.

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