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Come And Take It Flag History

come and take it flag

Come And Take It Flag History

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come and take it flag

How did it all begin?

The story of this ‘Come And Take It’ flag started in 1835 at the Battle of Gonzales, the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution. Mexican President Santa Anna made himself dictator and tensions began to rise between his oppressive government and the desires of Texans. To put a stop to the unrest and revolutionary thoughts, the Mexican military leaders began their journey to quietly disarm the Texans.

The goal that didn’t quite work out…

One of the first war actions was to retrieve a cannon that was lent to the Texan colonists at Gonzales. The famous bronze cannon was borrowed to the Gonzales colonists by the Mexican government in 1831 to defend themselves from Apaches and Comanches. Mexican Corporal Casimiro De Leon and a few other soldiers were sent to reclaim this cannon.

come and take it flag

What was the first flag made of?

“Come And Take It” was the motto adopted by the Texas rebels that were defending the cannon. A couple of days prior the Battle of Gonzales in October of 1835, Sara Seely DeWitt and her daughter Evaline quickly designed and created the Old Cannon Flag, known today as the Come And Take It flag. They made the first flag from a wedding dress belonging to Naomi DeWitt. This freedom flag depicts a Spanish-made cannon with a single black star above it and the words ‘Come And Take It’ below it, spanning the width of the flag.

The Message

This wasn’t just Texas’ first ever battle flag – it was the first ‘Lone Star’ flag as well! This flag is a symbol of the Battle of Gonzales. It stood for defiance against Mexican dictatorship. Today, the flag’s meaning still remains rooted in Texas pride. The symbolic message portrays the perseverance that most Texans are notorious for – rough, tough, and firm in their beliefs. 187 years later, this defining flag doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. It can be seen on clothing, license plates, food trucks, murals, and even tattooed on some true blue Texans.

come and take it flag

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What did the Come and Take It flag mean?
The Come and Take It flag is a symbol from the Battle of Gonzales that’s prevailed through 183 years of Texas history. The flag stood for defiance against Mexican dictatorship, and today the flag’s meaning remains rooted in Texas pride.

What is the name of the Come and Take It flag?
Gonzales flag

Where is the Come and Take It cannon?
The “Come and Take It” Cannon, housed at the Gonzales Memorial Museum in Gonzales, Texas