Cedar Sense is an American-based, family-owned company located in Nothern Minnesota.

Our Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar trees are grown and milled in the United States. We also conduct most of our packaging and all of our testings inside of the USA. The rings are manufactured over-seas right now but we are striving every day to bring these jobs to America. We are currently in negotiations with investors and preparing to construct and factory in the United States. This will bring many jobs to the United States.

The company was started by Michael Vail and originally operated out of his home and garage. Cedar Sense has since expanded to an office, begun hiring employees, and will continue to scale one sale at a time.

With your continued support, our mission is to bring employment opportunities to America and we rest every night on those laurels.

Many of our competitors’ cedar products will ship directly from overseas factories and many use Western Red Cedar. At Cedar Sense, we ONLY use Eastern Red Cedar for its much stronger sweet smell and a higher content of cedrene camphor oil. Cedrene camphor oil is very important to our product, because it is what naturally protects cedar trees from pests. It also gives it that AMAZING SWEET SMELL that everyone is so grown to love. Western cedar is also lighter in weight, making shipping costs lower. We provide Quality over Quantity and are able to keep right with everyone else.

So, when you think of Cedar Sense, we hope that you think of the American dream. That is what we are providing in every package.

Our Core Values


At Cedar Sense, we value family – our own and those of our customers.

Meet Michael’s sons. They share a passion for the company and help in any way possible. Michael teaches them how business works and provides them with opportunities to continue learning and growing.

Cedar Sense is a family-owned business and cares for the community. See what we’re up to and how we have given back by finding us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked-In, and Pinterest under the name ‘Cedar Sense’.


Our mission is to bring employment opportunities to America. Innovation is key to the continued growth of our company and the execution of our mission.

Cedar Sense works to identify and implement new ideas and processes to meet our mission, but also to meet the needs of our customers.

This is why you will find us constantly working on something new, such as our wood flags. If a new idea, process, or project benefits our customers and meets our first two values, it’s also helping us to meet our mission.

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